Monday, July 11, 2011

aftermarket parts ??

In all the mis -guided things that a insurance company could pull on a consumer , is the Aftermarket Parts usage terms. I want to share the latest of all push comes to shove propositions , so if you have a strong policy that covers your car with a leading company , you probably have the right to Original Equipment parts after a accident , if you have sub insurance carrier or discount product it only entitles you to After Market repair parts as acceptable to repairs . The latest item to get shoved around is the owner of a mid policy has to accept the repair process of the insured carrier if they want the claim covered as a claimant , or use their own carrier , and pay deductables and then subrogate for future re-imbersement , this in terms means your Honda Accord has to get a After Market fender if you get hit by another Honda that has this policy in effect , although if this had not happened you would still have the Original Part with a VIN tag , or at worst if you wrecked you would at least get a Honda fender back to your Honda !!!

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